Carbon Emissions

We all create carbon emissions by going about our everyday lives. These carbon emissions, often called greenhouse gases, trap heat in our atmosphere and are affecting the world’s climate.

Carbon emissions do not discriminate by borders. The effects of one tonne of carbon emissions released locally are felt globally. But just as importantly, one tonne of carbon emissions reduction locally helps to lower emissions on a global scale. Everything we do to reduce carbon emissions will make a difference.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),  the leading scientific climate change group, states that we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 40 to 70 percent (compared with 2010) by the middle of the century. Rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, increasing extreme weather events, and declining biodiversity are all having unprecedented effects on our planet. Reducing our emissions should be a priority for us all.

Why Offset: Global Emissions





Why Offset: Australia's Emissions

Australia’s Emissions

Australia has one of the highest levels of per capita energy use. According to the World Bank, Australia’s per capita carbon dioxide emissions are almost five times the world average. For the year to March 2014, our national emissions per capita were 24.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person. This means that there is a great scope for us as a nation to reduce our emission levels by changing our behaviour. The less we pollute, the better it is for everyone – present and future.

Australia is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet but it is also the driest inhabited continent, making it a unique environment with a vulnerability to climate change.



Your Emissions

It’s easy to look at the scale of a global problem like carbon emissions and climate change and feel like you can’t do much. But you can!

As individuals, we use too much, consume too much and waste too much and therefore we emit too much.  Every reduction you can make has a direct effect on the level of your emissions.

The first step in reducing your emissions is to measure.  Using our Carbon Calculator will help you understand where your emissions come from and your total Carbon Footprint. Then you can make some changes to your behaviour and reduce emissions (Tips on how to reduce emissions)

But even if we reduce our carbon footprint dramatically, there are still unavoidable emissions. Your next option is to offset. When you buy carbon offsets from us, we plant trees and restore natural habitat. You can also donate and gift trees to family, friends, colleagues and clients.  As an added incentive carbon offsets, gifting trees and donating through CNCF are tax deductible. 

Remember to talk about it. Sharing your journey and how you are reducing your emissions could inspire others. Together we can be part of the solution.


Why Offset: Individual Emissions