July 2017

Ten Tips To Help You Ditch The Plastic!

31 July 2017

When you really stop to notice it, plastic is everywhere. I thought I was already doing a lot to reduce my plastic waste. I have reusable shopping bags, and remember to use them (mostly). I carry a reusable water bottle, have a Keep Cup on my desk for emergency coffee breaks, and bring my lunch …

Biodiversity Works

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25 July 2017

The results of a baseline biodiversity survey highlights the potential to create a major wildlife corridor by planting a new habitat to reconnect remnant bush and nature reserves with multi-species carbon reforestation projects. We are excited to bring you ‘Biodiversity Works – The Hill View Story” The summary report of the results from our first …

June 2017

Trump withdraws from Paris Accord

15 June 2017

(Photo by Global Landscapes Forum) Climate change grabbed the headlines recently with President Trump’s announcement the US will withdraw from Paris Agreement commitments. And here in Australia, ex-PM Abbott is making news by pushing for our Paris commitment target to be more “aspirational”. Rather than being a disaster for climate change action, such negative politicising …

Why is composting important?

15 June 2017

(Photo by Romina Jones) Many of us think that our kitchen scraps will break down just the same in landfill as they would in a compost heap, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Landfill is tightly packed, which means that the materials break down in an anerobic environment – without oxygen. As a result …

Guildford Meadows monitoring

13 June 2017

I recently visited the Guildford Meadows planting site, where 5000 trees were planted in August 2016 and another 3180 November 2016 to restore a 17 hectare site of the Whiteman Park Conservation Area, which was cleared for grazing during the 1930s and 1940s.   Sadly, flooding in February 2017 saw the Swan Valley region declared …

Understanding Greenhouse Gases

8 June 2017

(Photo by Gerald Simmons) When I first heard the term greenhouse gases, I didn’t really understand what they were – beyond the fact that they contributed to climate change. But knowing a little more about the causes and effects of the various greenhouse gases can help us make better environmental decisions. Greenhouse gases (also known …

May 2017

Ravensthorpe Planting Project 5 years on

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16 May 2017

Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund’s 2010 planting project in Ravensthorpe has been one of our greatest success stories to date. The site started as 35 hectares of cleared farming land, but thanks to the (then) new owners Christine and Keith Rowe, it has now become a flourishing conservation site, in addition to the estimated 15450 tonnes of …

Carbon Hero – Mathew Bottin

11 May 2017

Mathew Bottin started donating to our planting projects as a student in July 2014. He has now planted 294 trees – removing almost 50 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from our atmosphere. We had a chat to Mathew to find out what inspires him to be a Carbon Hero!   Can you tell us a …

Ban the Bag in WA

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8 May 2017

(Photo by Zainub Razvi) The Labor Party has recently announced its intention to investigate the possibility of banning single-use plastic bags in Western Australia – a move that would bring WA in line with South Australia, the Northern Territory, the ACT and Tasmania. This could be a great step forward for our environment, with Australians using …

April 2017

Red-tailed phascogale

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27 April 2017

(Photo by Geoff Corrick, Bush Heritage volunteer.) The red-tailed phascogale is a small, carnivorous marsupial native to central and western Australia. Originally widespread throughout these areas, the population declined rapidly due to the destruction of habitat for agricultural purposes and the introduction of predators such as the domestic cat and the European red fox. It is …