Our Mission

We Plant Trees

At Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund we use funds raised through carbon offsets and making donations and we plant native trees and shrubs, restoring our natural biodiverse habitat. Since we started we have planted over 5.4 million trees, and counting.

Trees are the world’s single largest source of breathable oxygen and play an important role in addressing climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, emit oxygen (O2) back into the atmosphere (through a process known as photosynthesis) and store the carbon in their woody biomass (leaves, branches, trunks and roots).


Our recent projects include the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in the northern wheatbelt of Western Australia as well as a reforestation community planting in the Perth foothills called Kaarakin Urban Forest Project. For more information on these projects go to Our Plantings. Throughout our 14 year history we have have trialled plantings in both Victoria and New South Wales and worked on projects throughout rural South Australia and Western Australia. 

Our approach is to plant a wide variety of native indigenous trees and shrubs on degraded and disused farmland. We encourage the natural biodiversity by restoring the original habitat. 

We Monitor and Research

All of our plantings are monitored for health and survival. As part of that monitoring we have also undertaken research to identify the numbers of plant, insect, bird and animal species that can be found in remnant bush near the planting sites. The results of this research  was quite staggering with over 450 species identified.  A follow up survey in the planted areas will measure how quickly and efficiently the insects, animals and birds to take up home in the replanted forest.

Fire management protocols are in place for all planting sites which include insurance cover, should we need to re-establish trees, up to 3 years out from planting. Our native species are so adapted to fire that after 3 years flora regeneration will naturally occur.

Monitoring reports are posted on this website and can be provided to organisations that partner with us for group plantings.

We Inform and Educate

Carbon Calculator

We have led the way on many great initiatives to address climate change in Australia. In 2001 we launched Australia’s first web-based greenhouse gas emission calculator. Our calculator has assisted thousands of people, families, organisations and businesses to calculate their carbon footprint - the first step in our Measure, Reduce, Offset program. If you would like to investigate your carbon footprint, please visit our Online Carbon Calculator


‘Taking Control of Your Environment’ is a 45-minute seminar we can deliver to your organisation or community group. It includes information on our changing Australian climate, an easy-to-digest overview of becoming carbon neutral, and tips on what you can do at home and work to minimise your impact on our environment. For more information please contact us at [email protected] or phone 1300 857 970.

Staff Surveys

Organisations and businesses that are interested in becoming more environmentally responsible and want to engage staff in this process may like to consider a staff survey. We can independently canvas employees on their views and practices on environmental and sustainability issues. This process can improve staff morale as well as increase engagement when you ultimately bring in changes.

We have worked with hundreds of organisations and can customise a survey to suit your organisation or business. Staff surveys are recommended as part of a holistic carbon reduction plan. A detailed report of the results with key findings and recommendations is provided. For further information email us at [email protected] or phone 1300 857 970.


Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund is extremely proud that to date, we have honoured every single tree purchased.