Educational Seminars

Carbon Neutral offers an informative seminar called 'Taking Control of Your Environment', a 45-minute session that is pitched for audiences interested in the environment but without a lot of expertise in the area. The session covers our changing Australian climate, an easy-to-digest overview of carbon neutrality, and a robust section on what you can do at home and work to minimise your impact on the environment.

We can customise the presentation with content that is of particular interest to your employees or members.


Staff Surveys

We independently canvas employees on their views and practices on environmental and sustainability issues, as well as the extent to which these might apply to the workplace. This provides management with ideas on how they can be a more environmentally responsible organisation. Employees can anonymously voice their ideas on how they and the company can play a bigger part in sustaining the environment.

Key benefits are improved staff morale by detecting and closing gaps between management and staff values with respect to environmental and sustainability issues; promoting buy-in amongst staff when building the foundation of an environmental strategy and action plan; and benchmarking environmental staff engagement against other organisations.

CNCF has worked with hundreds of organisations over the past ten years and used that experience to develop surveys which can be customised to suit your organisation if required. Staff surveys are recommended as part of a holistic carbon reduction plan.

Our surveys are designed to help you:

  • Understand what your staff think of your organisation’s environmental performance
  • Understand staff attitudes to the environment and climate change
  • Plan environmental actions that will be supported by your staff
  • Report

Your company will receive a detailed report of the results with key findings and recommendations. For further information email us at [email protected] or phone 1300 857 970.