This young family are passionate about the Australian environment and are on an adventure to discover ways to live sustainably, build community, and just down right have more fun. After winning Channel Nine's The Block, they made it no secret they would like to buy a farm and learn the ways of living slowly and enjoying more time as a family. They, along with their four year old daughter Everly, are selling up and taking their little family around Australia.


Through their travels they hope to learn about the way others are living consciously, and loving it, while exploring our diverse and vast country. They will spend six months making their way around Australia volunteering on farms, meeting urban veggies growers, working with communities, and sharing meals with other families who are paving the way of a greener future. There is sure to be laughter, sweat, blisters, an array of fresh produce to explore, along with the challenges of being rookies on the road to becoming farmers.


Help Shay and Dean go carbon neutral!

Shay and Dean hope to achieve a carbon neutral project through the use of sustainable energy sources to power their project, and where this is not possible offsetting their emissions. They have teamed up with us here at the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund to offset the carbon they produce from their vehicle.


Here you can track the kilometres they travel, and the carbon they produce, with the chance to help support their project through offsetting their carbon emissions by donating to planting native trees.


The trees will be planted as part of CNCF’s Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor which is Australia’s largest biodiverse reforestation carbon sink. This project takes disused farmland and converts it back to natural bushland.


Shay and Dean will actually spend some time on their journey up at the project planting trees and sharing the stories of the local community involved in the project.


Offset their journey

Help Shay and Dean offset their journey


Join them on their adventures and experience Australia from a new perspective. They may just inspire you to slow down, smile more, travel, eat more lettuce, and cherish this beautiful continent.


You can watch their adventures at


Or keep track of their adventures through Instagram and Facebook: @shayanddean @thegatheringbloke @theearthymumma