Revegetation – A Celebration of Wildlife

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World Wildlife Day is a global celebration of the many beautiful and varied forms of wild animals and plants on our planet, and an occasion to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to both wildlife and people.


Here at Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund, we’re incredibly proud of the fact that our multi-species revegetation projects not only capture carbon pollution from the atmosphere, but also provide critical habitat for our native animals and help to restore biodiversity in one of the planet’s 35 remaining biodiversity hotspots.  These hotspots cover just 2.3% of the Earth’s land surface, yet account for 90% of all species on Earth.



By revegetating, we are helping to restore the natural landscape and encourage back native plant and animal species. We are contributing to the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor project – the biggest biodiversity project in Australia, aiming to connect bushland remnants on degraded properties with nature reserves and other plantings to establish a 200 kilometre wide corridor.


“This project will remove a significant amount of carbon pollution from the atmosphere, while restoring the health of an extremely important landscape, which has suffered decades of habitat loss and degradation.”
– Merril Halley, WWF


In 2015, ecological monitoring of one of our revegetated sites found 50 species of bird, including 13 of local conservation significance, as well as 147 different plant species and 256 species of insect.

What do you do to help protect the world´s wildlife? Just do one thing today! Every tree you give, every carbon offset you purchase, every dollar you donate to Carbon Neutral Charitable fund helps us plant more trees and shrubs on land in the Yarra Yarra Diversity Corridor as well as in our community urban reforestation programs.