Protect Perth’s biodiversity

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Perth is nestled in a biodiversity hotspot – one of only 35 in the world – which also extends throughout south western WA, covering much of our rural landscape. Globally, these hotspots represent just 2.3% of the Earth’s land surface, yet more than half of our land-dwelling species are found nowhere else. Protecting our biodiversity is critical in protecting our supplies of clean air, water, food and a stable climate.

The first half of the 1900’s saw huge amounts of land in WA cleared for farming, and the ABS reports that in 2009-2010 Western Australia had 94 million hectares devoted to agricultural activity. Much of this land is becoming degraded, with salinity now affecting more than half the farms in Western Australia, and rendering over half a million hectares unusable for production.

CNCF plants native trees on non-productive farmland, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, providing wildlife habitat, restoring biodiversity and preventing further land degradation due to salinity and soil erosion. According to The Conversation, “working with the land is not an entirely pure or noble act; rather, it is imperative for humanity’s survival”.

Act today! Plant a tree, donate, or buy reforestation carbon offsets.