March 2018

Growing Food to Reduce Your Footprint

6 March 2018

Growing just a few edible plants reduces your carbon footprint and can make for some wonderful opportunities to share! By growing fruit trees (or any tree) you can capture carbon and cool your property, which in turn saves you energy and money. Some fabulous aspects of growing your own food include: No food miles and …

January 2018

Top 5 Tips for a Sustainable Summer

11 January 2018

(Photo by Vincent Wong) Summer is here – warm weather, long days, beautiful sunshine and time for adventure! Get outside and enjoy our beautiful natural environment, and take care of it while you do.   1 – Reusable water bottle Take a reusable water bottle with you. It’s really important to stay hydrated in the …

July 2017

Ten Tips To Help You Ditch The Plastic!

31 July 2017

When you really stop to notice it, plastic is everywhere. I thought I was already doing a lot to reduce my plastic waste. I have reusable shopping bags, and remember to use them (mostly). I carry a reusable water bottle, have a Keep Cup on my desk for emergency coffee breaks, and bring my lunch …

June 2017

Why is composting important?

15 June 2017

(Photo by Romina Jones) Many of us think that our kitchen scraps will break down just the same in landfill as they would in a compost heap, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Landfill is tightly packed, which means that the materials break down in an anerobic environment – without oxygen. As a result …

Understanding Greenhouse Gases

8 June 2017

(Photo by Gerald Simmons) When I first heard the term greenhouse gases, I didn’t really understand what they were – beyond the fact that they contributed to climate change. But knowing a little more about the causes and effects of the various greenhouse gases can help us make better environmental decisions. Greenhouse gases (also known …

May 2017

Ban the Bag in WA

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8 May 2017

(Photo by Zainub Razvi) The Labor Party has recently announced its intention to investigate the possibility of banning single-use plastic bags in Western Australia – a move that would bring WA in line with South Australia, the Northern Territory, the ACT and Tasmania. This could be a great step forward for our environment, with Australians using …

April 2017

Sustainable Easter

11 April 2017

(Photo by Jamieanne) In an ideal world, I would like to celebrate Easter without the commercially bought chocolate Easter eggs; but I am not a strong enough parent to deny my young children the joy of participating in Easter activities with family and friends. I also have a weakness for chocolate!   The choices we …

March 2017

Power Hungry Household Items

13 March 2017

(Photo by Alexander Baxevanis) Last week I was chatting with some of the parents at school about our shortcuts to managing domestic chores while working. One mum said she uses her clothes dryer to save time, and was admonished for the wasted energy consumption!   I have a reputation for being a bit of ‘greeny’, …

November 2016

Lower Carbon Living: Waste Reducing and Recycling

7 November 2016

Australia’s annual National Recycling Week takes place this year from November 13 to 19. Planet Ark founded National Recycling Week in 1996 to bring a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling1. During National Recycling Week recycling initiatives at home, school and work are encouraged, and people are given tools to minimise waste and …

Top 10 Tips For Going Paper Free

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3 November 2016

Using less paper is a super easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and save the trees, so to help you go paperless we’ve put together our top 10 tips.   1. Cancel your paper phone book When was the last time you used your phone book?  You can cancel your Yellow Pages and White …