October 2018

Carbon Hero – Scott Chapman

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23 October 2018

Scott runs Garden Staging, getting gardens ready for sale to make the best impression on buyers. Garden Staging donates one tree per invoice raised, and then matches that donation from its own funds, ensuring that every project undertaken has at least 2 trees planted to help restore Australia’s canopy cover and capture carbon from the …

June 2018

Carbon Hero – Samuel Humphreys

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5 June 2018

Melbourne-based artist Samuel Humphreys Illustration creates exquisitely detailed illustrations of our natural world. To protect the subject matter he holds dear, he plants a tree with CNCF for each artwork sold, and offsets his flights with us when he travels. We asked him to tell us a little more about his motivations.   Can you …

March 2018

Carbon Hero – Raihane

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6 March 2018

(Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash) Raihane has always worried about our environment and our planet and feels that everyone can do something that will have a strong effect on the future of our world. She knows that a lot of people think the things they can do are very small and that the only …

February 2018

Carbon Hero – Julie Muir – Celebrant

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15 February 2018

Julie Muir is a marriage celebrant in Newcastle, who loves creating personalized wedding ceremonies for her clients – and caring for the environment! Julie plants a tree for every couple she marries, and also offsets the paper used in the weddings that she is the celebrant for. She’s already helped us plant 53 trees, and …

September 2017

Carbon Hero – R-Group

11 September 2017

In just 6 months, R-Group have offset more than 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. We talked to Amy, the office manager at R-Group, to find out a little more about what they are doing for the environment!   Can you tell us a little about yourself and the inspirations behind your brand? I’m Amy, …

May 2017

Carbon Hero – Mathew Bottin

11 May 2017

Mathew Bottin started donating to our planting projects as a student in July 2014. He has now planted 294 trees – removing almost 50 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from our atmosphere. We had a chat to Mathew to find out what inspires him to be a Carbon Hero!   Can you tell us a …

February 2016

CNCF Carbon Hero – Distribution Central

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29 February 2016

  An innovative approach to reducing the carbon footprint of shipping IT products around Australia and to New Zealand has resulted in the planting of more than 120,000 trees on degraded farmland in the WA wheat belt. Distribution Central, a leading provider of specialised distribution and channel support, has been working with the WA based …

May 2015

Jus Burgers # HonestlyLocalCampaign

26 May 2015

Check out one of our long term WA supporters Jus Burger’s has a new menu and have made a great video showing what they are about, local produce and fresh food. Since 2010 Jus Burgers have planted over 1600 trees through Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund, supporting the local environment.