Fly carbon neutral

Our carbon sinks sequester carbon through self-sustaining biodiverse native tree plantings in Australia, converting your carbon emissions into trees.

Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund will plant enough native trees in Australia to offset 2.07 tonnes of CO2-e (the average flight emissions of a short haul return journey 9,400km).

Radiative Forcing Index (RFI)?

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has identified that aircraft emissions at altitude have a greater impact on the atmosphere due to other non-CO2 climate change effects from aviation (e.g. NOx, water vapour, contrails) and the RFI factors allows for these other impacts.


Australian Biodiverse Reforestation – Gold Standard

GS VER credits are certified by The Gold Standard Foundation - a leading international certification standard for carbon mitigation projects.  This provides rigorous third party assurance of integrity. Issued GS credits are recorded and allocated on a global public registry.


Forest Offsets

Forest Offsets are independently verified carbon offsets. Industry best practice methods are used to measure the carbon stored in the stems, roots and leaves. Each offset unit is uniquely numbered and retired on an internal Carbon Neutral registry, guaranteeing that each credit cannot be resold.

Make a donation

This contribution will support our ongoing tree planting and ecosystem restoration.

Every donation plants a seed of change. With the help of our supporters we have planted 5.4 million trees since 2001.