Carbon Hero – Raihane

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(Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash)

Raihane has always worried about our environment and our planet and feels that everyone can do something that will have a strong effect on the future of our world. She knows that a lot of people think the things they can do are very small and that the only real change can come from government or big industries doing something – but she believes that we are all responsible.

So when Raihane’s first child was born in January, she decided to plant 100 trees as a thank you to the planet for everything it provides, and she is committed to planting 100 trees every year on her daughter’s birthday.

Raihane says “As a mother, now I am more worried than ever about our environment. I love my daughter and want the next generation to have a healthy planet to live on”.

Living in a newly developing suburb, Raihane has watched blocks of land get smaller and gardens becoming more scarce. All the trees are knocked down to build houses, and although she understands the need to build new suburbs and highways, Raihane also believes we should replace the trees we remove during development with new ones. Watching the trees in her area be cut down every day has strengthened her commitment to her goal of planting 100 trees on her daughter’s birthday every year.

Raihane says “As parents, we spend huge amount of money and time for our kids to ensure they have a lovely future. But their future is nothing without enough trees. Let’s thank our planet for allowing us to have our kids, and help it to continue its role as a mother for them.”