If your company wants to take action on the environment and climate change we offer programs that are super easy to get started. 

Donate a Tree

Commit to planting a native tree for each new customer, product sold, invoice issued or other activity of your choice. When you plant a tree with us you are supporting the rehabilitation of degraded land here in Australia that has previously been cleared for commercial purposes.

A donation can be made through our website on our Donate a Native Tree page or by using our eCards

If you would like to discuss a more tailored program, contact us or call 1300 857 970.

In addition to the environmental benefits, all donations are tax deductible.

Offset your Emissions

If corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important to your business and you want to do something about your emissions, it is a very simple process of measuring, reducing and then offsetting.  To assist you measure your emissions we have an online calculator or an excel version (available on request). Or simply click here to go to through to our Quick Offsets.


Membership Opt-in Program

RACWA have been one of the first to initiate a membership opt-in Program. Partnering with us, RAC WA members are offered a 20% discount if they offset their vehicle, household or flight emissions.


We can support you with:

  • Certificates of achievement
  • Social media publicity
  • Press releases
  • Access to planting & field days


We are currently the only charity offering accredited offsets in an Australian Gold Standard project, the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. 

We offer a range of native reforestation project offsets

Which means when you offset you are not only reducing carbon in the atmosphere you are also contributing to a project which:

  • Assists in land conservation
  • Creates habitat for native flora and fauna
  • Rehabilitates land damaged by water and soil erosion
  • Creates local employment in regional Australia

Our reforestation offset offering includes Australian Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor certified under the Gold Standard.

Read more about the accreditation here.