How We Work

When you plant a tree with us you are supporting the rehabilitation of degraded land here in Australia that has previously been cleared for commercial purposes. We work on 1 to 2 new projects per year details of which are found on our new project page. We keep and internal registry and allocate trees to projects on a pool basis. Planting only occurs in winter (June to August) as our sites are 100% reliant on natural rainfall. Our planting sites are then independently monitored for progress for the first 3 year and reports are published on our website.

Option 1: If you'd like to make a straight-forward donation with no marketing program around it from your side, you may do so online and pay no GST on your donation. You may message through your social or website the following: "We support Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund's tree planting program".

Option 2: If you want to run a marketing campaign using the phrase “donate a tree” or “plant a tree” with every order/purchase/customer:

  • šIt may not meet the ATO's criteria of being a donation as a donation must not have any material benefit to the giver.  More information is available on the ATO site.
  • šThis means we will have to invoice you with GST and it may be claimable as a business expense, rather than donation.
  • šIn order to keep administrative costs down (and put more money towards the trees), we prefer to avoid this kind of campaign, but can make exceptions in certain cases.
  • šIf you are interested in using this wording, please contact me at:


If corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important to your business and you want to do something about your emissions, it is a very simple process of measuring, reducing and then offsetting.  To assist you measure your emissions we have an online calculator or an excel version (available on request). For a quicker option, you can also use our Quick Offsets.


Would your company like to partner with CNCF on a planting site?
Please contact us to discuss the benefits becoming a sponsor.


Is your workplace ready to do something about climate change? Workplace giving is a simple way for employees to make pre-tax donations via payroll and offset their carbon emissions. This scheme works by taking a small donation out of every pay. There are no costs involved! If you are donating to a charity endorsed by the ATO such as Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund, there is an immediate tax benefit every pay. It also saves time at the end of financial year as there is no need to sort through receipts and records.


We offer an informative seminar called 'Taking Control of Your Environment' that is pitched for audiences interested in the environment. We can customise the presentation with content that is of particular interest to your employees or members.

Additionally, we can independently canvas employees on their views and practices on environmental and sustainability issues. This provides management with ideas on how they can be a more environmentally responsible organisation.