When you choose to partner with us, you are investing in Australia’s landscape. You are helping us plant more trees, restore more land, and capture more carbon.  

Before you start the relationship, we would like to explain something: The ATO has rulings around what constitutes a donation.  Information can be found on their website here. While we recommend talking to your own tax consultant, here's a little summary of the relevant part:

What is a donation?

  • There is a transfer of money or property.
  • The transfer is made voluntarily.
  • The donor does not expect anything in return for the gift. (An example of this is marketing the relationship and using the logo.)
  • The donor does not materially benefit from the gift. (Therefore, promotions like plant a tree for every sale or claiming your are offsetting you business for commercial reasons are not donations.)

We like to keep things simple so we can spend our time focusing on planting trees instead of administration. We encourage you to make your donation online and we have a supporter guide with our recommended guidelines to communicating your support.

If you are looking to implement a sponsorship or workplace giving program, where you'd make contributions (not donations), we offer partnerships with access to imagery, copy and logos. More information can be found here.  

Thank You to our Sponsors!