Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund helps individuals, families and organisations to minimise their impact on the environment. Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund uses the funds raised through donations and carbon offsets to plant native trees on degraded land in Australia. Our reforestation projects sequester carbon whilst helping to restore the landscape and conserve the natural biodiversity.

When you plant a tree with us you are supporting the rehabilitation of degraded land here in Australia that has previously been cleared for commercial purposes. We work on 1 to 2 new projects per year details of which are found on our new project page. We keep and internal registry and allocate trees to projects on a pool basis. Planting only occurs in winter (June to August) as our sites are 100% reliant on natural rainfall. Our planting sites are then independently monitored for progress for the first 3 year and reports are published on our website.

CNCF aims to:

  • Educate, engage and inform the community about climate change, the environment and how we can all be part of the solution
  • Generate reforestation carbon offsets/credits
  • Restore our unique natural biodiverse habitat
  • Research carbon emission reduction and ways to offset our impact on the environment
  • Collaborate with other environmental organisations
  • Encourage the community to become involved in our tree planting projects


We started as a nonprofit organisation known as Carbon Neutral in 2001. Based on a concept initiated by Men of the Trees to use the emerging carbon market to plant even more trees, our charity restores unused and degraded land back to natural habitat.

In 2013, responding to a fast growing need for corporate advisory services to assist companies in becoming more environmentally responsible and manage their carbon emissions, a new entity was born. Carbon Neutral - a ‘profit for purpose’ organisation, offers a range of carbon and environmental consulting services and products to business and corporates.

Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF) continues as a not-for-profit, working with the community to reduce and offset carbon emissions. Research, education and tree plantings are our motivation, as is restoring our wonderful natural bushland.

Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF) is a registered environmental charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. CNCF holds Charitable Collections Licence 21751.